Companies target

27 Nisan 2020 Pazartesi

Companies target
I don't know how long I've been writing but I'm writing! Now the number of people voicing this has also increased. Both inside and outside… CORONAVIRUS or another factor that is in trouble for us is not LOCAL. At the top of the hill, the clash of those who count with each other. We sometimes saw this as an intervention in Iraq, Afghanistan, sometimes as DAESH, sometimes as Al Qaeda, sometimes as airport raids, and sometimes as economic operations. Sometimes as assassinations… Exactly in the climate dominated by CORONAVIRUS, this great fight is still somehow inside the White House. It is even possible to say that the fight has grown in the white house.
White House Trade Consultant Peter Navarro prepared a very important report in January and February.
Peter Navarro presented Trump to report that the White House was acting heavily, that Coronavirus would have had a lot of influence on the United States. He explained in detail that 500 thousand Americans could die, that there would be an economic collapse of at least 6 trillion dollars, 40 million people would be unemployed and hundreds of thousands of companies would sink.
However, Trump has not taken this report seriously before.
Why is that? Because PENTAGON also made another report.
And in the Pentagon's report, some companies were asked to suffer. Therefore, it was desired to shake the ECONOMY. The Pentagon stood out with an ECONOMIC step. Because the vast majority of companies in the United States were against the Pentagon. With the demand coming from the depths of the USA, the collapse of the economy was thought to liquidate some rich people. Navarro is also a name close to Deep America. However, he is someone who opposes the military to manage the system.
Let's open a little more… Navarro is of the same opinion, sometimes facing Steve Bannon, who is known as the man who carried Trump to the WHITE PALACE.
Navarro wanted Germany, China and Japan to be fully under control. Although these moves are not very responsive, now Deep America supports the demands of Navarro. After the WWII, the US, which has turned Japan into a modern slave, intends to continue this with China and Germany.
This is also essential for the control of the world. Navarro wants Europe to be completely dependent on the United States. This is not SIR!
He argues that the UNION should be dissolved as soon as possible. It is also uncomfortable that China is a production base.
Mexico is ready for this.
Navarro says that the production base very close to the US border will further stimulate the economy. In other words, as I have written for a long time, DEEP AMERICA intends to restrain China-Japan-Germany-Europe and control it ECONOMically and continue as the only sovereign power.
This power, which wants the rule of Great America from London, wants to corner Navarro. He wants to reveal his past secrets. Navarro is actually a fearless person. Knowing that he would be under attack, he accepted counseling at the White House.
The result of the fight within the United States will actually shape the world.
This is clear! However, China is the only unlucky country here. Because the power that is currently active in the U.S. wants to cut trillions of dollars in compensation to China. Of course, the primary goal here is to frighten China.
It is not at all difficult to take control of the current BEIJING administration when you frighten China. It will not be difficult for DEEP AMERICA to take European countries in the palm of hand when China is on the way.
When the world was looking for its new balance, who would have guessed that such big and horrible days would occur ... However, as of today, every country has to consider itself. But the United States is considering every country! This is the need to be a Super Power. Russia is also in Iran and even Turkey is also in Ghana. Because in the reports prepared every year for the Pentagon, the steps taken by 198 countries that year and the steps to be taken in the future are evaluated. Whichever country that could hinder US plans is featured on the list. Washington also speeds up revised plans for that country.
France will be the primary target of the USA in the coming days.
Because France is the most powerful country against the USA in Europe. Germany and the USA have no problem. The problems that are there can be solved from the inside.
Deutsche Bank recalled a few billion-dollar loan to Donald Trump. He wanted this money to be paid in a short time. Trump and the Pentagon also know that Deutsche Bank did not do this at the request of the Berlin government. Families who own Deutsche Bank are in conflict with the USA. As Trump was on the Washington side of this war, the deal broke down.
Remember! Known as the name that lent US President Trump in November 2019
THOMAS BOWERS was found dead at his home in Malibu… His 35-year-old wife, Abigail, also died in 2017 for unknown reason!
Despite all this, Washington does not see Deutsche Bank as its primary target.
Because it is difficult for Deutsche Bank to harm Washington. Perhaps a serious consideration should be given to Trump to be seriously targeted ... While every country was thinking about itself, companies had to consider themselves. The fact that there is a big problem. We will see some company marriages. ELITE FAMILIES asked for this. But it is not clear whether this will be a healthy salvation recipe.
We see the war in the USA in 198 countries. DEEP AMERICA and FAMILIES are doing their best. The passwords of the new world will be in the USA again.
Whoever wins will do the CODE ...
NOTE: I wrote earlier… Abigail Robinson Bowers ...
Thomas Bowers' wife, who was killed at home in 2017. At that time, Trump faced the Pentagon on Syria. He did not want American soldiers to be in Syria.
He was making explanations on this issue as well. So Abigail Robinson Bowers' death was also the quietest message to President Trump. The fight within the USA was naturally seen clearly in the WHITE HALL. Then TRUMP moved over to the Pentagon.
DEEP started with AMERICA… There are families holding the MONEY in their hands… LONDON is one leg of the war. Prince Charles and Boris Johnson CORONA!

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