It is leaped up to the coronavirus ROYAL FAMILY

21 Nisan 2020 Salı

Did CORONAVIRUS jump up to THE ROYAL FAMILIES! Yes ... Prince Charles CORONA?

It was. Yesterday I wrote "I will not be surprised if there is an explanation of Chinese servants."
A close step was taken.
It was announced that Prince Charles was infected by a close businessman friend. The businessman has just come from CHINA!
Look, nothing is as written and drawn. No one can write or speak the main war in detail.
It may be because he does not know, or because he is afraid ... I do not know ... After President Trump is elected, take a good look at the oath ceremony in Washington, that is, the words that the Bible swore on! All the CODs of the war are there. Clear and clear!
We do not understand because we live only by forgetting, we are missing ...
Although Trump has never been reflected here, 8-10 times, those who manage the financial system announced that they are targeted. BUT with CODES. It is not clear. In a way that those who know. This is what happened now ...
Let's open ... Let's dig deep ...
Let's understand the fight, war, struggle ...
What would it take for soldiers to go out on the streets in the United States? Soldiers took to the streets in many cities such as San Diego, New York, Texas, Washington, Miami, Tampa Bay and Atlanta. Yes, it was announced that the soldiers went out to the streets to prevent possible looting events against Coronavirus. This is the reason given!
The truth is that the US opened the new door. The door that nobody has taken. IT'S THE WHOLE ISSUE THIS DOOR!
Deep America entered through this door with Trump! We will see what will happen over time.
This is a martial war! One side of the war is in great panic! The biggest names in the country think that the richest names will be taken by the US MILITARY. THERE IS A GREAT CHAOS IN THE RICH LEAGUE! I wrote down the words, "The new America will upset many people. Nothing will be the same anymore," as US President Trump's close friend David Pecker told a friend. Please take it, please.
According to David Pecker, many businessmen will be arrested after Coronavirus. Whichever businessman who has power in the White House will not be after the Coronavirus outbreak.
It is stated that these businessmen will be arrested for breaking the American Constitution and ordering the Federal Government. Let's give some more details ...
For example, no one knows where Larry Page and Charles Koch and his brother David Koch are. Even this is a claim that shook the DEHLYSIS… Not only Larry Page, Charles Koch and David Koch, it is claimed that many American rich people go to different regions but no one knows. Those who know are supposed to be unknown! None of them escape to hide from CORONAVIRUS, they are not hidden. Every big rich has important connections in the CIA. Every big businessman gets protection from the relevant intelligence agency ...
When the government makes a decision about those businessmen, it is paid to counter-attack these big bucks. Not in vain ...
It is even thought that Charles Koch left the country.
The mysterious disappearance of Charles Koch, who invested a significant part of his money in technology companies, should be very important. Because the Koch brothers have always been an active force in the White House. Of course, this was linked to the strength of the family. Now, it is no ordinary development for Charles Koch, the most important name of this family, to go to a secret place. Every wealthy American with a lot of money speaks this step of Charles Koch.
This is the agenda there! Because no one will be comfortable before the war there is over.
I am talking about the war in DOLAR's homeland.
This wave will last until one of the parties fighting there gives PES ... Or
Indeed, why did the American soldiers land on the street?
Will an unexpected step be taken after this situation? There is a panic in the American rich that we are not used to. This panic is not a fear of losing money. Fear of taking away their lives and living standards.
David Pecker is Trump's friend. Do not think that I care about it, as it supports my thesis, "FAMILIES ARE WARING WITH THE NATIONAL USA", which I have highlighted for days.
I write and share because he is an important person. It is never ordinary to kat and ...
Trump is likely to take part in this mind-blowing cycle and become the first leader of the new America. Not at all ... But it's also a fact that Joe Biden rose in the polls. For this reason, if the businessmen are taken by the American soldiers, the 2020 Presidential Election will not be held.
Who said CORONAVIRUS is CHINESE invention? Trump and the REPUBLICANTS ...
When they reveal the connection of BUSINESSMEN with CHINA, do they pave the way for JOE BIDEN, who is a friend to CHINA-friendly families?
I don't think so ... THERE IS THE BALANCE! Look at the events like this ...
Because we are facing an extraordinary situation.
Coronavirus effect is increasing day by day. Does the USA show this as an example and do business to businessmen? Of course, it is not easy, but the possibility is very strong! Everyone knows that American soldiers will not go out on the streets to prevent looting.
Who should spoil if you DELIVER DOLLARS TO EVERY HOME! Currently, 300 thousand US soldiers are on the streets in the United States.
It's a joke, but it's true. Will Coronavirus chase 300,000 American troops on the street?
It is not unusual for CIA Director Gina Haspel to hold regular meetings with all her assistants. This new situation, including the CIA, is a bit complicated.
Perhaps the CIA will operate on businessmen. Perhaps the CIA businessmen will tell the location of the special unit soldiers. Anything can happen.
Coronavirus, emerging in Wuhan, China, is changing the world. It is obvious that its effect will not only be at the US border. This is DOLLAR and the economic system war ...
Nobody can stay out.
FED's help to companies on the stock exchange, despite Trump the day before, like the last straw.
Let's see what is going to happen. If Trump succeeds, everything will be rewritten. If he fails, he will pay the price. Since I entered in 2020, I have written dozens of times, "Everyone is at risk". Everyone is at RISK ...
Trump, the families opposite, kings and princes ...
Others ... The war is big

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