New system

20 Nisan 2020 Pazartesi

New system
Let's continue from where we left yesterday ... USA, the homeland of the war ... It's clear.
Anyone who knows the MONEY a little and smells a little bit of politics is the point where they agree with the storm in Washington ... I have written many times. "We see the fight in the USA in the Western capitals," he said.
The fight there, war, struggle spread everywhere. Nobody can escape this.
The CORONAVIRUS incident is the reflection of the war going on underground. It doesn't matter if the VIRUS leaves or leaves! What should happen in the end, we have to worry about it! Who is fighting with whom we should understand this ... I have been writing FAMILIES, unseen power for years.
Deep America too ...
Paul Craig Roberts, one of the prominent figures of the American treasure, agrees with us. I think we take the name that manages the US TREASURE seriously ... It is a name that many people knock on economic matters ... He started to convey the parameters of the NEW WORLD ORDER clearly ...
By explaining the fight and the parties in the USA ... Paul Craig Roberts clearly said:
NAMES AT THE TOP ARE WILL TRY EVERYWAY TO SEND THE PRESIDENT TRUMP FROM WHITE PALACE ... If they find out they can't overthrow President Trump, they will come to COKER. Before the election, they will do the action that will come with a major attack and cause Americans to blame TRUMP ... The attacker will actually be the FED here ...
The FED will reach out to NEW YORK BANKS to finish the economy and crash on the ground.
Thus, they will reduce the power of New York banks. They will bankrupt pension funds, hedge funds, mutual funds in New York banks. They'll use this trump to get rid of Trump ... I know there's confusion around here!
It is not possible to distinguish these men as "DEMOCRAT or REPUBLICAN". These are far above these classes ...
Look like this!
THEY SEE THEM AS SELECTED AND SELECTED PEOPLE. Nobody has a problem like Republican or Democrat! What matters is POWER! Trump was chosen by the Americans. Hillary was the candidate supported by the elite.
So, people who opposed the elite island chose Trump. Trump is making decisions against the elite.
It is taking steps to destroy their financial system. Therefore, it must be downloaded.
That's their goal!
As Roberts explains the USA, he puts it as follows: If the American people do not see them and fall into the trap, they will go down in history as "the stupidest people who have come to the world" and they will deserve every pain after Trump. This will be the end of the USA ... Continue ...
Who would have believed if somebody would come out and say "A VIRUS WILL PUT ALL THE WORLD. HUMAN WILL CLOSE HOMES. ITS ECONOMY WILL GO TO STOP!" No one!
When we look at very clever names, we can see that we will experience global outbreaks a lot. This is the first day of the future ... Maybe cancer patients will die in new outbreaks. Maybe blood pressure patients will die. All of them are being tested. The domain of each virus is known. Maybe it was planned how many people would die after Coronavirus. It will be very difficult for those who are not ready for the new world. This is what compels us ... We don't know because ...
Yesterday I told FED, where Trump was fighting and fighting, and the families behind him.
The war between FED and FAMILIES and DEEP AMERICA ...
Trump did not clearly talk about the system he wanted, but I shared that it was NESARA.
Next to Harvey Francis Barnard's NESARA, there is also GESARA! However, GESARA is very secret. Now GESARA is important for the direction of money outside the US. The functioning of the money and how it will take place in the system were considered with GESARA. Even the transfer of $ 10 can be seen in the current system.
It's not hard to see from the screen. Under follow-up ... GESARA is very important for the central banks of the Euro system, namely the European System of Central Banks. This is the system to which the central bank of 27 countries is connected. There will be no countries in this system in GESARA.
This is THE FORECAST! It is strange that the region hit by CORONAVIRUS is EUROPE and it is not desired that these 27 countries are in the new economic system ...
Because the European Union is expected to dissolve.
CORONAVIRUS has already done this job ... At least it started!
Germany does not recognize Italy and Spain does not recognize France. Everyone fell into their own trouble. Nobody goes to help anyone.
He doesn't knock on his door!
When the European Union dissolves, for example France will have to print its own money.
Others ... However, he will face GESARA because he cannot authorize this on his own. How his press will show the value of his own currency. This is the subject!
Some show that gold will correspond to print money.
According to the United States, GESARA, the underground believes that an important mine will be worth the money in the new period. That's their plan! Now, DOLAR has no equivalent in determining the fate of the world.
It presses FED!
test figure, Coronavirus was seen in 195 countries. It is predicted that Coronavirus was built for the new economic system and that we will meet GESARA after meeting NESARA. Economist Paul Krugman says that the world will soon meet a new economic system.
He believes that this system has nothing to do with what is known so far and it will not be easy to adapt to it.
Although Paul Krugman does not believe in this system, he points out that Trump wants to establish this system.
Although Krugman does not say explicitly, he believes that NESARA and GESARA should not be dangerous and should not be. But those who are on the other side, say, "If Coronavirus appeared, the next economic system is inevitable!" In the new system, the US will also determine the amount of money each country will use, if Trump and his back gains strength. Because trade will be in this system, one country will get approval from the USA for the goods that it will send to another country.
Although this may seem very utopian, it was not believable until yesterday that a virus would affect the world so much! Coronavirus was the first signal of a new world ...
The question is who will manage the MONEY ... This is the war! If Trump and the power behind him gain power, he will do the greatest cleaning in history.
If it loses, it will be deleted ...
Remember, these guys only understand MONEY!
The rest is words.

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