Who will win

24 Nisan 2020 Cuma

EUROPE's deprivation from London. Already, France-Germany did not want England very much.

But they met. Britain protected its money.
He took his money and went out ...
Most of the debts in Europe belong to the organizations managed by the ROTHSCHILD family.
I think SPAIN took the first step for this reason.
Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said, "We need a similar US aid from the USA after World War II.
We have little chance to survive ...
Our citizens are dying.
There is no room in hospitals. "EU Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen supported the same view: TO THE MARSHALL PLAN FOR EUROPE
WE NEED ... This was a direct riot to FAMILIES!
Britain was shaking while Europe was formally waiting for help from America. Two important names met two names CORONA, who are said to play critical roles in the future.
It wasn't going to happen, but it was happening.
It was both Prince Charles and Prime Minister Boris Johnson CORONA. They got sick ...
It is said that Johnson will not be able to return to office again.
While these are happening in Europe, Pompeo went to AFGHANISTAN as I wrote here yesterday and met with DEEP CHINA there ...
US Secretary of State Pompeo sat at the table in China with the excuse of TALIBAN where he went ... Now Pompeo is doing ... After the meeting was leaked, some names started to be spoken with whispers ... 3 POWERFUL names behind the regime, the state and the army in China had landed at the BAGRAM BASE.
These 3 names were BLOCK who wanted to keep CİNPİNG on duty until his death!
Wang Huning, Han Zheng and Zhao Leji met with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. He sat down and spoke with this TRIPLE Pompeo, which gave life to China. Wang Huning, Han Zheng and Zhao Leji are known to be the strongest names in China. The fact that such powerful names go to Pompeo together is as important as the process that started with Coronavirus.
Pompeo threatened to end China. Indeed, China is in a very difficult situation. Likewise, the United States is in a difficult situation.
However, it is possible to see a serious difference when viewed objectively.
Even though China is a great power, it is not a country that has a trump card against the USA. The USA has the power to slow China's blood circulation. In fact, he is a masterful player enough to shake Beijing with his TRILLIONS of DOLLAR CORONA cases ...
Here, China's main deficiency was its trust in England and FRANCE, with which it was walking together.
It would have traveled together with Britain on the Silk Road and France with the BIG AFRICAN PROJECT. However, CORONAVIRUS forced the trouble and thus the alliances to change. For now, neither the UK nor FRANCE seem to be walking peacefully with China.
Because China had an agreement with Prince Charles and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The same agreement was made with President Macron in France.
However, neither Prince Charles nor Johnson is active now. Macron cannot even find a mask.
"If you have a mask, hand it over to the hospitals," he said to the public.
HAN ZHENG, one of the three important Chinese who met with Pompeo in BAGRAM, is a name that closely recognizes Dominic Raab, who seems to replace Boris Johnson ... Raab responded negatively when asked about the continuation of this great deal. In other words, the meeting at Bagram Air Base and its post were not very positive for China.
According to the signals Queen II. Elizabeth has also announced that she wants to work with DEEP AMERICA. And the Queen is someone who enjoys walking with Pompeo ... Raab also thinks that walking with DEEP USA is the right way for them. He predicts that the new boss of the disbanded EUROPE will be London in this way ...
So what will China do next? According to the report by Wang Huning, Han Zheng and Zhao Leji, even though the European Union is disbanded, they still have to maintain strong relations with those countries. However, for AFRICA and the SILK ROAD, CHINA, which cannot find Europe as a whole, will have a hard time. ITALY is a critical country here.
They are also MONEY and powerless. They have already agreed to what the USA will give. When we add Spain and France, MEDITERRANEAN is a dream for CHINA ...
In addition, the fact that Boris Johnson could not use his Henry Jackson Association ...
It is an effective institution in British foreign policy. His words are always heavy. And he finds a response. Henry Jackson Association is affiliated to Dominic Raab. This association says that CHINESE CASE should be opened to China on the grounds that it spreads CORONAVIRUS, hides it, killed thousands of people, and caused economic destruction. Queen II was ordered by Henry Jackson Association to prepare a report on the case of Dominic Raab about the trillions of dollars. Elizabeth gave it. Raab couldn't do anything like that alone ...
DEEP AMERICA now seems to have taken the QUEEN with him ... Or the Queen does not want to leave the USA despite her son Prince Charles ... We have to talk about every project in the world in the shadow of the two capitals. This is the biggest truth of today ... Trump entered the course of DEEP AMERICA and opened a direct war to the families. The best example of FED ...
So what will happen in the UK?
We will experience and see this ...
It is obvious that she is pregnant with surprises!
However, DEEP AMERICA will not pay its debt to anyone, especially CHINA, as well as in the calculations of getting compensation on it ... The bonus of work in Europe and Africa! A stone is like 5 birds ...
Although CORONAVIRUS looks like losing to everyone, the winner will eventually emerge.number 10 powers for 45 days shows that England would leave China during this time.
There is another important sign!
Those who know will remember ...
the reason why it caused economic destruction

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