Companies target

27 Nisan 2020 Pazartesi

Companies target
I don't know how long I've been writing but I'm writing! Now the number of people voicing this has also increased. Both inside and outside… CORONAVIRUS or another factor that is in trouble for us is not LOCAL. At the top of the hill, the clash of those who count with each other. We sometimes saw this as an intervention in Iraq, Afghanistan, sometimes as DAESH, sometimes as Al Qaeda, sometimes as airport raids, and sometimes as economic operations. Sometimes as assassinations… Exactly in the climate dominated by CORONAVIRUS, this great fight is still somehow inside the White House. It is even possible to say that the fight has grown in the white house.
White House Trade Consultant Peter Navarro prepared a very important report in January and February.
Peter Navarro presented Trump to report that the White House was acting heavily, that Coronavirus would have had a lot of influence on the United States. He explained in detail that 500 thousand Americans could die, that there would be an economic collapse of at least 6 trillion dollars, 40 million people would be unemployed and hundreds of thousands of companies would sink.
However, Trump has not taken this report seriously before.
Why is that? Because PENTAGON also made another report.
And in the Pentagon's report, some companies were asked to suffer. Therefore, it was desired to shake the ECONOMY. The Pentagon stood out with an ECONOMIC step. Because the vast majority of companies in the United States were against the Pentagon. With the demand coming from the depths of the USA, the collapse of the economy was thought to liquidate some rich people. Navarro is also a name close to Deep America. However, he is someone who opposes the military to manage the system.
Let's open a little more… Navarro is of the same opinion, sometimes facing Steve Bannon, who is known as the man who carried Trump to the WHITE PALACE.
Navarro wanted Germany, China and Japan to be fully under control. Although these moves are not very responsive, now Deep America supports the demands of Navarro. After the WWII, the US, which has turned Japan into a modern slave, intends to continue this with China and Germany.
This is also essential for the control of the world. Navarro wants Europe to be completely dependent on the United States. This is not SIR!
He argues that the UNION should be dissolved as soon as possible. It is also uncomfortable that China is a production base.
Mexico is ready for this.
Navarro says that the production base very close to the US border will further stimulate the economy. In other words, as I have written for a long time, DEEP AMERICA intends to restrain China-Japan-Germany-Europe and control it ECONOMically and continue as the only sovereign power.
This power, which wants the rule of Great America from London, wants to corner Navarro. He wants to reveal his past secrets. Navarro is actually a fearless person. Knowing that he would be under attack, he accepted counseling at the White House.
The result of the fight within the United States will actually shape the world.
This is clear! However, China is the only unlucky country here. Because the power that is currently active in the U.S. wants to cut trillions of dollars in compensation to China. Of course, the primary goal here is to frighten China.
It is not at all difficult to take control of the current BEIJING administration when you frighten China. It will not be difficult for DEEP AMERICA to take European countries in the palm of hand when China is on the way.
When the world was looking for its new balance, who would have guessed that such big and horrible days would occur ... However, as of today, every country has to consider itself. But the United States is considering every country! This is the need to be a Super Power. Russia is also in Iran and even Turkey is also in Ghana. Because in the reports prepared every year for the Pentagon, the steps taken by 198 countries that year and the steps to be taken in the future are evaluated. Whichever country that could hinder US plans is featured on the list. Washington also speeds up revised plans for that country.
France will be the primary target of the USA in the coming days.
Because France is the most powerful country against the USA in Europe. Germany and the USA have no problem. The problems that are there can be solved from the inside.
Deutsche Bank recalled a few billion-dollar loan to Donald Trump. He wanted this money to be paid in a short time. Trump and the Pentagon also know that Deutsche Bank did not do this at the request of the Berlin government. Families who own Deutsche Bank are in conflict with the USA. As Trump was on the Washington side of this war, the deal broke down.
Remember! Known as the name that lent US President Trump in November 2019
THOMAS BOWERS was found dead at his home in Malibu… His 35-year-old wife, Abigail, also died in 2017 for unknown reason!
Despite all this, Washington does not see Deutsche Bank as its primary target.
Because it is difficult for Deutsche Bank to harm Washington. Perhaps a serious consideration should be given to Trump to be seriously targeted ... While every country was thinking about itself, companies had to consider themselves. The fact that there is a big problem. We will see some company marriages. ELITE FAMILIES asked for this. But it is not clear whether this will be a healthy salvation recipe.
We see the war in the USA in 198 countries. DEEP AMERICA and FAMILIES are doing their best. The passwords of the new world will be in the USA again.
Whoever wins will do the CODE ...
NOTE: I wrote earlier… Abigail Robinson Bowers ...
Thomas Bowers' wife, who was killed at home in 2017. At that time, Trump faced the Pentagon on Syria. He did not want American soldiers to be in Syria.
He was making explanations on this issue as well. So Abigail Robinson Bowers' death was also the quietest message to President Trump. The fight within the USA was naturally seen clearly in the WHITE HALL. Then TRUMP moved over to the Pentagon.
DEEP started with AMERICA… There are families holding the MONEY in their hands… LONDON is one leg of the war. Prince Charles and Boris Johnson CORONA!

Who will win

24 Nisan 2020 Cuma

EUROPE's deprivation from London. Already, France-Germany did not want England very much.

But they met. Britain protected its money.
He took his money and went out ...
Most of the debts in Europe belong to the organizations managed by the ROTHSCHILD family.
I think SPAIN took the first step for this reason.
Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said, "We need a similar US aid from the USA after World War II.
We have little chance to survive ...
Our citizens are dying.
There is no room in hospitals. "EU Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen supported the same view: TO THE MARSHALL PLAN FOR EUROPE
WE NEED ... This was a direct riot to FAMILIES!
Britain was shaking while Europe was formally waiting for help from America. Two important names met two names CORONA, who are said to play critical roles in the future.
It wasn't going to happen, but it was happening.
It was both Prince Charles and Prime Minister Boris Johnson CORONA. They got sick ...
It is said that Johnson will not be able to return to office again.
While these are happening in Europe, Pompeo went to AFGHANISTAN as I wrote here yesterday and met with DEEP CHINA there ...
US Secretary of State Pompeo sat at the table in China with the excuse of TALIBAN where he went ... Now Pompeo is doing ... After the meeting was leaked, some names started to be spoken with whispers ... 3 POWERFUL names behind the regime, the state and the army in China had landed at the BAGRAM BASE.
These 3 names were BLOCK who wanted to keep CİNPİNG on duty until his death!
Wang Huning, Han Zheng and Zhao Leji met with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. He sat down and spoke with this TRIPLE Pompeo, which gave life to China. Wang Huning, Han Zheng and Zhao Leji are known to be the strongest names in China. The fact that such powerful names go to Pompeo together is as important as the process that started with Coronavirus.
Pompeo threatened to end China. Indeed, China is in a very difficult situation. Likewise, the United States is in a difficult situation.
However, it is possible to see a serious difference when viewed objectively.
Even though China is a great power, it is not a country that has a trump card against the USA. The USA has the power to slow China's blood circulation. In fact, he is a masterful player enough to shake Beijing with his TRILLIONS of DOLLAR CORONA cases ...
Here, China's main deficiency was its trust in England and FRANCE, with which it was walking together.
It would have traveled together with Britain on the Silk Road and France with the BIG AFRICAN PROJECT. However, CORONAVIRUS forced the trouble and thus the alliances to change. For now, neither the UK nor FRANCE seem to be walking peacefully with China.
Because China had an agreement with Prince Charles and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The same agreement was made with President Macron in France.
However, neither Prince Charles nor Johnson is active now. Macron cannot even find a mask.
"If you have a mask, hand it over to the hospitals," he said to the public.
HAN ZHENG, one of the three important Chinese who met with Pompeo in BAGRAM, is a name that closely recognizes Dominic Raab, who seems to replace Boris Johnson ... Raab responded negatively when asked about the continuation of this great deal. In other words, the meeting at Bagram Air Base and its post were not very positive for China.
According to the signals Queen II. Elizabeth has also announced that she wants to work with DEEP AMERICA. And the Queen is someone who enjoys walking with Pompeo ... Raab also thinks that walking with DEEP USA is the right way for them. He predicts that the new boss of the disbanded EUROPE will be London in this way ...
So what will China do next? According to the report by Wang Huning, Han Zheng and Zhao Leji, even though the European Union is disbanded, they still have to maintain strong relations with those countries. However, for AFRICA and the SILK ROAD, CHINA, which cannot find Europe as a whole, will have a hard time. ITALY is a critical country here.
They are also MONEY and powerless. They have already agreed to what the USA will give. When we add Spain and France, MEDITERRANEAN is a dream for CHINA ...
In addition, the fact that Boris Johnson could not use his Henry Jackson Association ...
It is an effective institution in British foreign policy. His words are always heavy. And he finds a response. Henry Jackson Association is affiliated to Dominic Raab. This association says that CHINESE CASE should be opened to China on the grounds that it spreads CORONAVIRUS, hides it, killed thousands of people, and caused economic destruction. Queen II was ordered by Henry Jackson Association to prepare a report on the case of Dominic Raab about the trillions of dollars. Elizabeth gave it. Raab couldn't do anything like that alone ...
DEEP AMERICA now seems to have taken the QUEEN with him ... Or the Queen does not want to leave the USA despite her son Prince Charles ... We have to talk about every project in the world in the shadow of the two capitals. This is the biggest truth of today ... Trump entered the course of DEEP AMERICA and opened a direct war to the families. The best example of FED ...
So what will happen in the UK?
We will experience and see this ...
It is obvious that she is pregnant with surprises!
However, DEEP AMERICA will not pay its debt to anyone, especially CHINA, as well as in the calculations of getting compensation on it ... The bonus of work in Europe and Africa! A stone is like 5 birds ...
Although CORONAVIRUS looks like losing to everyone, the winner will eventually emerge.number 10 powers for 45 days shows that England would leave China during this time.
There is another important sign!
Those who know will remember ...
the reason why it caused economic destruction


It is leaped up to the coronavirus ROYAL FAMILY

21 Nisan 2020 Salı

Did CORONAVIRUS jump up to THE ROYAL FAMILIES! Yes ... Prince Charles CORONA?

It was. Yesterday I wrote "I will not be surprised if there is an explanation of Chinese servants."
A close step was taken.
It was announced that Prince Charles was infected by a close businessman friend. The businessman has just come from CHINA!
Look, nothing is as written and drawn. No one can write or speak the main war in detail.
It may be because he does not know, or because he is afraid ... I do not know ... After President Trump is elected, take a good look at the oath ceremony in Washington, that is, the words that the Bible swore on! All the CODs of the war are there. Clear and clear!
We do not understand because we live only by forgetting, we are missing ...
Although Trump has never been reflected here, 8-10 times, those who manage the financial system announced that they are targeted. BUT with CODES. It is not clear. In a way that those who know. This is what happened now ...
Let's open ... Let's dig deep ...
Let's understand the fight, war, struggle ...
What would it take for soldiers to go out on the streets in the United States? Soldiers took to the streets in many cities such as San Diego, New York, Texas, Washington, Miami, Tampa Bay and Atlanta. Yes, it was announced that the soldiers went out to the streets to prevent possible looting events against Coronavirus. This is the reason given!
The truth is that the US opened the new door. The door that nobody has taken. IT'S THE WHOLE ISSUE THIS DOOR!
Deep America entered through this door with Trump! We will see what will happen over time.
This is a martial war! One side of the war is in great panic! The biggest names in the country think that the richest names will be taken by the US MILITARY. THERE IS A GREAT CHAOS IN THE RICH LEAGUE! I wrote down the words, "The new America will upset many people. Nothing will be the same anymore," as US President Trump's close friend David Pecker told a friend. Please take it, please.
According to David Pecker, many businessmen will be arrested after Coronavirus. Whichever businessman who has power in the White House will not be after the Coronavirus outbreak.
It is stated that these businessmen will be arrested for breaking the American Constitution and ordering the Federal Government. Let's give some more details ...
For example, no one knows where Larry Page and Charles Koch and his brother David Koch are. Even this is a claim that shook the DEHLYSIS… Not only Larry Page, Charles Koch and David Koch, it is claimed that many American rich people go to different regions but no one knows. Those who know are supposed to be unknown! None of them escape to hide from CORONAVIRUS, they are not hidden. Every big rich has important connections in the CIA. Every big businessman gets protection from the relevant intelligence agency ...
When the government makes a decision about those businessmen, it is paid to counter-attack these big bucks. Not in vain ...
It is even thought that Charles Koch left the country.
The mysterious disappearance of Charles Koch, who invested a significant part of his money in technology companies, should be very important. Because the Koch brothers have always been an active force in the White House. Of course, this was linked to the strength of the family. Now, it is no ordinary development for Charles Koch, the most important name of this family, to go to a secret place. Every wealthy American with a lot of money speaks this step of Charles Koch.
This is the agenda there! Because no one will be comfortable before the war there is over.
I am talking about the war in DOLAR's homeland.
This wave will last until one of the parties fighting there gives PES ... Or
Indeed, why did the American soldiers land on the street?
Will an unexpected step be taken after this situation? There is a panic in the American rich that we are not used to. This panic is not a fear of losing money. Fear of taking away their lives and living standards.
David Pecker is Trump's friend. Do not think that I care about it, as it supports my thesis, "FAMILIES ARE WARING WITH THE NATIONAL USA", which I have highlighted for days.
I write and share because he is an important person. It is never ordinary to kat and ...
Trump is likely to take part in this mind-blowing cycle and become the first leader of the new America. Not at all ... But it's also a fact that Joe Biden rose in the polls. For this reason, if the businessmen are taken by the American soldiers, the 2020 Presidential Election will not be held.
Who said CORONAVIRUS is CHINESE invention? Trump and the REPUBLICANTS ...
When they reveal the connection of BUSINESSMEN with CHINA, do they pave the way for JOE BIDEN, who is a friend to CHINA-friendly families?
I don't think so ... THERE IS THE BALANCE! Look at the events like this ...
Because we are facing an extraordinary situation.
Coronavirus effect is increasing day by day. Does the USA show this as an example and do business to businessmen? Of course, it is not easy, but the possibility is very strong! Everyone knows that American soldiers will not go out on the streets to prevent looting.
Who should spoil if you DELIVER DOLLARS TO EVERY HOME! Currently, 300 thousand US soldiers are on the streets in the United States.
It's a joke, but it's true. Will Coronavirus chase 300,000 American troops on the street?
It is not unusual for CIA Director Gina Haspel to hold regular meetings with all her assistants. This new situation, including the CIA, is a bit complicated.
Perhaps the CIA will operate on businessmen. Perhaps the CIA businessmen will tell the location of the special unit soldiers. Anything can happen.
Coronavirus, emerging in Wuhan, China, is changing the world. It is obvious that its effect will not only be at the US border. This is DOLLAR and the economic system war ...
Nobody can stay out.
FED's help to companies on the stock exchange, despite Trump the day before, like the last straw.
Let's see what is going to happen. If Trump succeeds, everything will be rewritten. If he fails, he will pay the price. Since I entered in 2020, I have written dozens of times, "Everyone is at risk". Everyone is at RISK ...
Trump, the families opposite, kings and princes ...
Others ... The war is big

New system

20 Nisan 2020 Pazartesi

New system
Let's continue from where we left yesterday ... USA, the homeland of the war ... It's clear.
Anyone who knows the MONEY a little and smells a little bit of politics is the point where they agree with the storm in Washington ... I have written many times. "We see the fight in the USA in the Western capitals," he said.
The fight there, war, struggle spread everywhere. Nobody can escape this.
The CORONAVIRUS incident is the reflection of the war going on underground. It doesn't matter if the VIRUS leaves or leaves! What should happen in the end, we have to worry about it! Who is fighting with whom we should understand this ... I have been writing FAMILIES, unseen power for years.
Deep America too ...
Paul Craig Roberts, one of the prominent figures of the American treasure, agrees with us. I think we take the name that manages the US TREASURE seriously ... It is a name that many people knock on economic matters ... He started to convey the parameters of the NEW WORLD ORDER clearly ...
By explaining the fight and the parties in the USA ... Paul Craig Roberts clearly said:
NAMES AT THE TOP ARE WILL TRY EVERYWAY TO SEND THE PRESIDENT TRUMP FROM WHITE PALACE ... If they find out they can't overthrow President Trump, they will come to COKER. Before the election, they will do the action that will come with a major attack and cause Americans to blame TRUMP ... The attacker will actually be the FED here ...
The FED will reach out to NEW YORK BANKS to finish the economy and crash on the ground.
Thus, they will reduce the power of New York banks. They will bankrupt pension funds, hedge funds, mutual funds in New York banks. They'll use this trump to get rid of Trump ... I know there's confusion around here!
It is not possible to distinguish these men as "DEMOCRAT or REPUBLICAN". These are far above these classes ...
Look like this!
THEY SEE THEM AS SELECTED AND SELECTED PEOPLE. Nobody has a problem like Republican or Democrat! What matters is POWER! Trump was chosen by the Americans. Hillary was the candidate supported by the elite.
So, people who opposed the elite island chose Trump. Trump is making decisions against the elite.
It is taking steps to destroy their financial system. Therefore, it must be downloaded.
That's their goal!
As Roberts explains the USA, he puts it as follows: If the American people do not see them and fall into the trap, they will go down in history as "the stupidest people who have come to the world" and they will deserve every pain after Trump. This will be the end of the USA ... Continue ...
Who would have believed if somebody would come out and say "A VIRUS WILL PUT ALL THE WORLD. HUMAN WILL CLOSE HOMES. ITS ECONOMY WILL GO TO STOP!" No one!
When we look at very clever names, we can see that we will experience global outbreaks a lot. This is the first day of the future ... Maybe cancer patients will die in new outbreaks. Maybe blood pressure patients will die. All of them are being tested. The domain of each virus is known. Maybe it was planned how many people would die after Coronavirus. It will be very difficult for those who are not ready for the new world. This is what compels us ... We don't know because ...
Yesterday I told FED, where Trump was fighting and fighting, and the families behind him.
The war between FED and FAMILIES and DEEP AMERICA ...
Trump did not clearly talk about the system he wanted, but I shared that it was NESARA.
Next to Harvey Francis Barnard's NESARA, there is also GESARA! However, GESARA is very secret. Now GESARA is important for the direction of money outside the US. The functioning of the money and how it will take place in the system were considered with GESARA. Even the transfer of $ 10 can be seen in the current system.
It's not hard to see from the screen. Under follow-up ... GESARA is very important for the central banks of the Euro system, namely the European System of Central Banks. This is the system to which the central bank of 27 countries is connected. There will be no countries in this system in GESARA.
This is THE FORECAST! It is strange that the region hit by CORONAVIRUS is EUROPE and it is not desired that these 27 countries are in the new economic system ...
Because the European Union is expected to dissolve.
CORONAVIRUS has already done this job ... At least it started!
Germany does not recognize Italy and Spain does not recognize France. Everyone fell into their own trouble. Nobody goes to help anyone.
He doesn't knock on his door!
When the European Union dissolves, for example France will have to print its own money.
Others ... However, he will face GESARA because he cannot authorize this on his own. How his press will show the value of his own currency. This is the subject!
Some show that gold will correspond to print money.
According to the United States, GESARA, the underground believes that an important mine will be worth the money in the new period. That's their plan! Now, DOLAR has no equivalent in determining the fate of the world.
It presses FED!
test figure, Coronavirus was seen in 195 countries. It is predicted that Coronavirus was built for the new economic system and that we will meet GESARA after meeting NESARA. Economist Paul Krugman says that the world will soon meet a new economic system.
He believes that this system has nothing to do with what is known so far and it will not be easy to adapt to it.
Although Paul Krugman does not believe in this system, he points out that Trump wants to establish this system.
Although Krugman does not say explicitly, he believes that NESARA and GESARA should not be dangerous and should not be. But those who are on the other side, say, "If Coronavirus appeared, the next economic system is inevitable!" In the new system, the US will also determine the amount of money each country will use, if Trump and his back gains strength. Because trade will be in this system, one country will get approval from the USA for the goods that it will send to another country.
Although this may seem very utopian, it was not believable until yesterday that a virus would affect the world so much! Coronavirus was the first signal of a new world ...
The question is who will manage the MONEY ... This is the war! If Trump and the power behind him gain power, he will do the greatest cleaning in history.
If it loses, it will be deleted ...
Remember, these guys only understand MONEY!
The rest is words.

Federal war

19 Nisan 2020 Pazar

Federal war
Everyone about CORONAVIRUS says, writes, draws ... I have said that OPERATION is ECONOMIC from the very beginning. Many of the innovations that have entered our lives are already based in the USA ... From smartphones to the internet age, from space technologies to biological expansions ... There is a geography where 70 thousand PATENT applications are made annually ...
The source of the problem we are experiencing now is AMERICA.
It was like this before, but ...
TWO LARGE POWERS IN THE USA COLLIDE. If we don't know how to look at the subject like this, there is no place to go. The two mechanisms there are in an enormous fight ... We see this in CHINA or EUROPE and our region ...
The world is almost closed. Everyone is struggling with CORONAVIRUS inside. Those who want to get their money back against those who hold the money.
This is BATTLE ... roughly ...
Coronavirus is not an ordinary economic or political move. In fact, the first password of the new world was Coronavirus.
At this point, going to 2016 will be a great benefit ...
US President Trump was to hold an election speech. He moved to Florida. He went to the rostrum. He made a historical speech. "When we win the American elections, we will go to Washington and evacuate that swamp," Trump said. The word "draining the swamp" refers to the book "Drying the Swamp" written by Harvey Francis Barnard in the late 90s.
Barnard is the name that established the NESARA system. Of course, this was not something that those who are not closely related to ECONOMY can understand ...
Does NESARA, the National Economic Security and Recovery Act, or the National Economic Security and Recovery Act, go into co-operation with Coronavirus? THAT'S THE QUESTION! The LAW that we have never discussed here but shakes the inside of America and causes the swords to be drawn! Trump said clearly. This promise he made in 2016 will be the first law of the USA if it is re-elected.
While Bill Clinton was sitting at BEYAZ SARAY, even though we did not know, a group of SOLDIERS came and forced him to sign this law ... Maybe he never leaked.
But Clinton signed this law. TWIN TOWER and what happened next prevented it from coming to life ... But the power that brought Trump wants it ... That's the war over there!
Let's open ...
The National Economic Security and Recovery Act, the first step of NESARA, is to confiscate the FED ... YES FED is confiscated ... Because the FED is seen as the center of the swamp. Trump was targeting the FED with the promise of "we will evacuate the swamp." The FED is the only central bank in the world with the authority to issue cash.
It does not tell anyone how much dollars it prints. He announced that he had printed 8-10 trillion dollars during the 2008 crisis. However, this figure is much more ... Those who follow Trump's social media already see that the FED is fighting every other day.
FED, who said he collected and destroyed 1 trillion dollars later, was not believable.
Now if the power we call Deep America has opened the doors of a new world with Coronavirus, the FED will be seized. Troubled days started for 8 families managing the FED and maybe 100 families working with those families. Coronavirus will hit them. It will make it worse than death. This is the plan of DEEP AMERICA ...
All families close to the FED are aware of this. Because NESARA was kept on the sidelines like that mysterious 51st ZONE of the USA. Everyone knew, but no one could pronounce NESARA. Trump also once pronounced.
With a new central bank approach where there is no FED, the new order is being introduced with new tax systems.
It is desired to pass ... Let us remind the 51st REGION for those who wonder ...
It is located 153 km north of LAS VEGAS, near Lake GROOM. Under the supervision of AIR FORCES, it is said as the point where new planes, new inventions are tried and even contact with UFOs! But nobody knows what it is ... It is not spoken in the USA ...
Trump and DEEP AMERICA is determined for NESARA ... It's not hard to see. If this happens, the USA will be the center of the new world. We do not know what retaliation will come against this.
Won't there be rich people in the new world? Of course we can see new riches. New companies or companies with changing names. Companies like Apple and Amazon can continue with an additional name. Unknown ... A new world is wanted without rich people like Jeff Bezos, Bernard Arnault, Amoncia Ortega, Carlos Slim and Larry Ellison. We don't know if it happens or not. But that's the goal. However, those who defended NESARA were eliminated one by one.
It was suggested that many of the worldwide crises were NESARA. When NESARA was on the agenda, many names in the Congress and Senate, especially the Pentagon, withdrew from the political scene. Now, it is said that NESARA cannot be stopped ... However, after the September 11 attacks, the FED was not the target. FED is on target today. Even the arrest of FED President Jerome Powell will not surprise anyone. Nearly 20 people such as Vice President Randal K. Quarles can be arrested for "growing the swamp."
DEEP AMERICA made the planning to get very important names inside. The opposite power will not be empty either ...
We do not know how the KAVGA will come. But the hand that stretches from within the US can push the world entirely into chaos. Including WAR ...
Although DEEP AMERICA does not know what to come, it knows what to do! They have a list of 150 thousand people ... It is strange that after the death of JEFFREY EPSTEIN, which I wrote many times, the acceleration of events ... I do not engage in faith and ritual work. It doesn't concern me ...
This is the ... The rest of the tale ...

NOTE: US deep economists report "We push the country out of the Coronavirus wind with $ 4.5 trillion". Trump also intervened in the market with $ 4 trillion.

Hollandaca Ders 10

2 Mart 2015 Pazartesi

Onderdeel Nederlandse taal


Mijn man en ik houden erg van paprika
Daar krijg je betere kwaliteit en tegen een goede prijs
Je kunt geld storten op een rekening
Voor al die dingen kunnen we op het postkantoor terecht
U krijgt over een paar dagen bericht
Ik ben erg sportief aangelegd
Die vertrekt elk half uur vanuit Rotterdam
Waar koop je een kaartje voor de trein?
Dat kan bij het loket of bij de automaat
Onze dochter is al 15 jaar getrouwd
Mijn oma is 85 jaar. Ze is dus heel oud
De jongste kinderen zitten in groep 1

Korte vragen

Als je een groot gezin hebt, heb je dan veel of weinig kinderen? veel
Is een kerk een gebouw of poort? Een gebouw
Kan een vis zwemmen? Ja
Kun je rijst eten of drinken? Eten
Is een merrie een man of een vrouw? Vrouw
Hoe noem je een gebouw waar kinderen les krijgen? School
Kun je schaatsen als het koud is, of warm? Koud
1 uur …hoeveel kwartier is het? Vier
1 uur..hoeveel minuten is dat? 60
Een half uur..hoeveel minuten is dat? 30
1 minuut hoeveel seconden is dat? 60
Wat is meer..64 euro of 65 euro? 65
Kan een paard hinniken of blaffen? Hinniken
Wat doet een poes? Miauwen


Mijn zusje van vier gaat naar de crèche
In Nederland gebruiken we elke meter land
Elke plaats is makkelijk te bereiken
Laagland betekent dat er geen bergen zijn
Utrecht heeft ook een dichte bevolking
Je zoekt dan in je portemonnee klein geld
Kleine dingen betaal je meestal contant
Je geeft het energiebedrijf een machtiging
Je kunt het beste automatisch betalen
Het energiebedrijf betaal ik per twee maanden
Het geld komt op de rekening van het bedrijf
Ik werk vijf dagen per week, acht uur per dag



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